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Jane Smith

Head Chef


"Played out there yesterday... course is in awesome shape! The greens are the best I’ve seen in a long time! Well worth the short drive!"

-– Dustin H., La Crosse, WI

"New owners, new atmosphere, the course is in great shape. Greens are a little fast LOL. Highly recommend golfing here."

-– Todd M., La Crosse, WI.

"VH is a beautiful 18-hole golf course. We often see deer crossing the fairways. Come join us for Friday Night Couples Golf. We play best ball, it’s a lot of fun. Just call the course for the time. Times change as the days get shorter. Come check Valley High out. You won’t be disappointed."

– Jan O., La Crescent, MN.

"Great food, service, and love the course."

– Eric I, La Crosse, WI.

"This is a unique course in a unique spot, tucked back in the beautiful bluffs of Houston County. The track is very fun to play, and the clubhouse is quite nice."

– Jamie B, Austin MN.

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